Closet Makeovers & Personal Styling

Undeniable Boutique offers clients a suite of advanced, professional boutique styling services, including:

1) Closet Makeover - $300 / 3 hours
A stylist will come to your home to:

  1. Reorganize your closet so items are easier to find;
  2. Donate unwanted/unused clothing;
  3. Handpick items for consignment with UB or our partners, Chic Envy*;
  4. Recommend a closet redesign consultation with our partners, Tailored Living.

2) Destination Delivers Travel/Vacation Packing - $200 / 2 hours
A stylist will come to your home to help coordinate suggested business travel/vacation outfits and pack for your trip.

3) Personal In-Home Styling Appointment - $100 / 1 hour
A stylist will hand-pick outfits and accessories and deliver to your home for try on. Stylist also will review your personal collection to complete your looks.

Additional Services: $50/30 min. after allotted time.

4) Personal In-Store Styling Appointment - FREE SERVICE!
Book a personal stylist for a 1-2 hour interval to hand-pick outfits and setup a dressing room for you. Stylist will recommend accessories to complete your looks.

5) VIP Shopping Party - FREE SERVICE!
Undeniable Boutique will host a private VIP Shopping Party with cocktails and bites.

You’ll have the entire store to yourselves to mingle and shop with the assistance of UB’s top stylists. Your party will be a fantastic girls night out. Rally your closest friends and leave the rest to UB!

3 Options:

Discount Party: Hosts of parties from 1-10 people will receive a 15% discount; party attendees will receive a 10% discount. Hosts of parties from 11+ people will receive a 20% discount; party attendees will receive a 15% discount.

Fundraising Party: Undeniable Boutique will donate 20% of sales to a non-profit organization of your choice.

In-Home Party: Undeniable Boutique will host a private VIP Shopping Party for your and your friends in your home or location of your choice. Stylists will bring a full rack of clothes and will be on hand to style your guests.


*Consignment Services (as part of Closet Makeover Experience):

- Undeniable Boutique Mosaic District (limited boutique brands only)

Items sold in 1st month - client receives 50% of profit
Items sold in 2nd month - client receives 40% of profit

*All unsold items will be donated to local women’s shelters*

- Chic Envy - Please see for terms.

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