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Undeniable Fall Fashion Trends

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Posted on October 09 2017

Undeniable Fall Fashion Trends

With the change of season underway, it’s a good time to start incorporating new fall looks into your wardrobe. If you find yourself reading about fashion trends in magazines or watching runway shows and thinking, “well that’s great, where the heck would I ever wear that?”, or, “I could never pull that off”, then this article is for you! At UB, we’re all about wearable styles that give you mileage all season long.

Let’s start with colors…

Pantone Fall 2017 Fashion Colors

Some colors for fall 2017 are unexpected. While we’re used to seeing wine, rust and forest green this time of year, light pink, pale blue, and lime seem off-season. What’s nice about these lighter colors still being relevant, you can transition some of your summer styles into fall by layering them. Also, investing in new pieces in lighter palettes will extend your purchase into next spring. Soft pink and light grey have been popular all year. These neutral-chic colors will look gorgeous on suede and knits—fabrics heavier for the cooler months ahead.

Unique Fall Colors

Like black, red and navy are season-less hues and always in style. Red is a hot color in fashion right now—it elicits confidence, attention and courage. A simple red dress can be a serious showstopper!

Keyhole Choker Red Silk Dress

Military Style

Combine the three colors on the bottom left (neutral gray, shaded spruce and golden lime) of the fall color chart and you’ve got camo! Camo is everywhere this year—we’ve seen it on jackets, jeans, leggings, hoodies, dresses and hats. Camo will continue to be relevant throughout the season and likely until end of year.

Camo Sweatie Dress

If you find camo to be too overbearing, there are endless military styles boasting olive green hues and rigid fabrics. Some of our favorites are Articles of Society Jeans in Folsom, LA Coalition Military Vest (with detachable hoodie) and the Embroidered Jacket by Ark & Co.

Army Green Military Jacket

Military Style Shirt Dress

Animal Prints

Pythons, cheetahs and leopards, oh my! Animal prints are wildly popular for Fall 2017. What we love about these prints is that they’re wearable by everyone. Whether you’re the fashionista who’s comfortable flaunting bold adventurous patterns or you prefer soft-spoken, sultry and sophisticated, you can find an animal print to match your personality.


Halter Python Print Top

They’re also easy to accessorize! Keep your jewelry, bags and shoes simple and let the exotic design take center stage.

 Midi Snake Print Dress

Brown Snake Print Dress

The best part about animal prints is they come back year over year. Leopard for example, is a timeless classic. As former J. Crew designer, Jenna Lyons, puts it, "As far as I'm concerned, leopard is a neutral."


If you haven’t seen velvet yet this season, you haven’t been shopping! Velvet is the “it” fabric of the year. What’s unusual about this year’s velvet is that it’s available in all colors—from light pink, to cream, olive green, and shades of blue. Of course, you’ll also see velvet in traditional holiday colors of burgundy and black.


What also makes the trend unique this season is that it’s not just for dress-up, it’s even making an appearance on basic t-shirt designs.


Crushed Velvet T-Shirt and Rose Applique Jeans

Crushed velvet and velvet burnout kimonos add instant elegance to any ordinary outfit. Layer them over your lighter weight summer dresses, slip dresses or short sleeve frocks; wear them with camis or tees and jeans; or pair them with slacks and a sleeveless blouse for an impressive evening look.

See the three ways fashion blogger, Blonde in the District styled our Floral Velvet Duster in her post Florals...for fall

Floral Velvet Duster

Photo by Preethi Rajaguru in NYC.

Our must-have style in this fall trend is coming soon—Hudson velvet skinnies in black and a gorgeous shade of midnight blue!

Undeniable Boutique Fall Fashion Trends 

Craving more? Pop into either UB location (Mosaic District of Fairfax Corner) for an overview of fall fashion trends from our stylists!

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