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Are Stylish Face Masks the New "Must Have" Fashion Accessory?

Alicia Russman

Posted on February 16 2021

Are Stylish Face Masks the New "Must Have" Fashion Accessory?

Reflecting on the past year, it's been fascinating to see how fashion trends evolved around the pandemic. Athleisure wear gained incredible popularity with sporty, well-known brands hitting record sales (especially online), while luxury and boutique brands struggled to reinvent and stay relevant. Nearly every contemporary brand in Undeniable Boutique's portfolio came out with some version of a matching tie-dye top and jogger set. At some point as a buyer, I started to question if tie-dye was the only fabric left in the world! 

But the biggest pandemic-driven fashion fad has been stylish face masks. Many LA designers jumped on this global need almost immediately, realizing it may be the only clothing style they'd be able to sell for the foreseeable future. In early April, Undeniable Boutique started working with LA designer, Joy Han, to offer masks to our customers. For several weeks, our once booming fashion boutique in Mosaic District became a mask fulfillment center while our storefront was closed by mandatory shutdowns.

Since that time, we've sold thousands of masks in over 50 different colors and prints to in-store and online customers across the US! Some of our most popular styles have been animal prints (a classic), sequin-look masks (not real sequins because ouch!), and pandemic-appropriate sayings like "Stay Away" and "WTF?!"

Sequins Zebra Fasce Mask

Recently, we added adorable mask styles from legendary California sock designer, Socksmith (#noboringsocks). Consistent with the brand's designs of cute animals, clever sayings and cultural icons, their new mask collection offers something a little different for self-expressionists.

Zero Fox Given Fashion Face Mask

Our ever-popular Safe & Sip Drinking Masks continue to be among the most in-demand mask styles. You can certainly take off your mask to drink in public but why risk it when you can sip safely with an innovative mask design? Local Northern Virginia-based designer, Andrea Cropp-Arguin, created the three-layer mask design featuring an easily accessible opening for a straw and a magnetic flap closure. Safe & Sip Drinking Masks come in a variety of fun, classic and couture prints and make great gifts!

Safe & Sip Drinking Masks

While we all look forward to a time when we can see happy and healthy smiles on the faces of our friends and passersby, at Undeniable Boutique we're working hard to make the best out of a challenging time by offering a creative assortment of fashionable face masks! 


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