11 Signs You’re a Boutique Shopaholic

Sep 08 2015

1. The thought of weeding through an endless sea of department store clothing racks makes you cringe.

2. You have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear (because you’ve already worn everything once).

3. The employees at your favorite shop know your name and greet you with unbridled enthusiasm when you walk in the door.

4. They also will immediately pull five items for you and you’ll love every one (and likely will walk out with them).

5. You don’t do your seasonal shopping all at once because you know your favorite store will have hot new styles weekly!

6. You don't want to blend in with everyone wearing status brands and the same old chain store styles. You were born to stand out!

stand out from the crowd

7. You constantly get compliments on your outfits and asked where you got them (but you don’t want to give away your secret!).

8. Your significant other becomes considerably concerned at the mention of you “stopping by” your favorite shop.

9. You hide shopping bags in your car until no one is around to see you sneak in your weekly purchases.

10. You prefer spending hours exploring local shops over sightseeing when you travel.


11. You understand the importance of supporting small, local businesses and the uniqueness they bring to your community. AND WE APPRECIATE YOU FOR THAT! 



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