5 Need-to-Know Fashion Trends from Market

Jun 16 2015

The buying team from Undeniable Boutique shopped summer through fall transition at Atlanta Market this past week. Here's what they found...

1) You Need More Flare! - With so many contemporary designers based in LA, the hippie chic trend is here to stay through summer and fall with flared legged pants coming back in a BIG way! We're not talking bootcut jeans and palazzos, we're talking skinny to the knee with superfly wide bell bottoms reminiscent of the 70s disco scene. And with psychedelic prints to match! Even denim will transition from skinny, tapered bottoms to ultra wide flares. DYN-O-MITE!

2) Grey Matters (or 50 Shades of Grey or Grey is the New Black, you decide...) - The "it" color for summer through fallcool grey. This color will appear on everything from tailored blouses and slouchy knits, to bodycon and fit-n-flare dresses to yup, you guessed it, denim. Even accessories, such as statement necklaces, handbags and belts will boast this neutral hue.

3) Faux-Ho - We coined this term while visiting the 83rd apparel line showcasing it's boho-light designs. For the fashionista who craves that free-spirited, down to earth bohemian look but can't quite break free from buttoned-up, fitted solids, we bring you the "faux-ho"body skimming chiffon styles in "safe", low contrast paisley and Aztec prints. You just wait, even your conservative friends will rock the faux-ho this fall!

4) Bigger is Better Accessories - Dainty, delicate designs dominated the accessories industry over the last couple seasons. Up next are bold, rebellious statement pieces that can turn your basic white tee into a work of art. Geometric cuffs, oversized stone necklaces, metallic chokers and long, tiered earrings are making a resurgence! 

5) Elephant Quotes - so it's the end of the blog and we're strapped for catchy titles. But it got your attention right? Whimsical tops, from weekend casual to weekday casual (?), will be sporting animal prints and made-you-look messages. And hey, why not, we love our animals and inspirational expressions. After all, fashion should be fun!

You'll find all of these summer>fall trends at Undeniable Boutique. Sometimes we just can't help but go with the fashion flow...


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