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  • Premier Trending Color: Potter's Clay

    Oct 25 2016

    With russet orange, coppery undertones and a rich, earthy feel, Potter's Clay has an added degree of sophistication that's anything but dull. It reminds us of falling leaves, warm and fuzzy memories of apple picking, and pumpkin spice lattes. It's also considered a neutral that looks great on everyone, making it a prime color for fall and winter palettes in fashion and interior design.

    You're bound to see this substantive hue in everything from lipstick to nail polish, handbags and jewelry, to dresses, jackets and shoes. Our top Potter's Clay fashion pick—Skinny Jeans by Principle Denim Innovators.

    Potters Clay Skinny Jeans
    This earthy tone just keeps on giving! Keep your eyes open for more fashionable implementations of this trending color at Undeniable Boutique!

    Potters Clay Fashion & Design Inspo:

    Olivia Palermo in Potters ClayPotters Clay Collage
    Potters Clay LipPotters Clay Lipstick
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    Potters Clay Interior Design
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