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Welcome to our Pet-Pawty for our adopted Puppy

Kim Barbano

Posted on June 25 2015

This post is re-blogged from The DC Ladies. Undeniable Boutique provided the clothing and accessories for the Pet-Pawty. 

Adopting a little furry friend through a shelter can be life changing; you save a life and gain a best friend. But make sure you know all of the facts; rescue dogs require more time and TLC than new born puppies to become part of your family.

1. Adopting takes a little time and effort: There are a few shops like Dogma that host adoption drives but usually there is a screening process with an application, references and even a home check. Also there is usually a small cost to defray some of the medical costs i.e. vaccinating, spaying, neutering. Even so, it is still far less than buying a dog from a breeder and the vet costs associated with it.

2. Don’t forget the older or disabled dogs. They are usually calmer than younger dogs and have a lot of love to give. Remember love doesn’t keep track of the years. Older dogs are already house broken! Whether a puppy or a senior it might take your dog a little while to get used to your new home and surroundings, so come up with a schedule as soon as you get him/her i.e. take him/her out after they wake up, and within 30 minutes after eating or drinking and before bed; basically make sure they go out several times a day.

3. Set up an initial vet appointment. Make sure your pup isn’t bringing in any “unwanted friends” and is current on all vaccines and flea & tick treatments. This is not only important to them but also if you have any other pets.

4. Rescue dogs often times need a little “time” and TLC to recover from the stress of whatever experiences brought them to the shelter.

5.Their history and what breed they are might be somewhat of a mystery. So all preconceived notions should go out the window! Regardless of the dog breed you end up with, have fun! There is no better friend than a dog. “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

In honor of our little adoptee Bernie’s birthday we had a paw-tee. For all of you who adore cool canines hope you enjoy our celebration and it gives you a few ideas to host your own!


Photography: Lissa Ryan Photography
Venue: The DC Ladies
Styling: Shelley of The DC Ladies
Florals: Eight Tree Street
Caterer & Signage: Heirloom Catering & Event Design
Pupcorn: The Popcorn Queens
Puppy Confections: Dogma Bakery
Hair: -StyleMeBar-
Makeup: Izzy B Makeup
Rentals: Party Plus Tents & Events
Dresses and accessories: Undeniable Boutique
Dog toys and accessories and treats: Dogma
Welcome Bag Dogma & RestoraPet
Calligraphy: Heirloom Catering & Event Design
Invite Suite & Signage: Little Bit Heart