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Bloomingdale's Concept Store Joins Undeniable Boutique Neighborhood in Mosaic District

Katie Milam

Posted on August 04 2021

Bloomingdale's Concept Store Joins Undeniable Boutique Neighborhood in Mosaic District

In a constantly evolving retail industry, one of the most well-known department stores, Bloomingdale's, is opening its first "concept store" right down the street from Undeniable Boutique in Mosaic District! Eponymous with its nickname coined by longtime customers, Bloomie's will be a smaller, curated version of the renowned shopping destination found in malls across America.

What is the New Bloomingdale's Concept Store?

According to an article from Retail Dive, the new "Bloomie's" concept will include a selection of its usual products like apparel, shoes and beauty, a restaurant, alteration services, and a new high-tech shopping experience that makes shopping a breeze for customers, and allows access to inventory across all retail locations and the Bloomingdale's website.

Bloomie's will be significantly smaller than the typical mall-based location ranging in sizes up to 200,000SF. The concept store will be 22,00SF located in the former Z Gallery space on District Avenue just a few doors down from the Undeniable Boutique storefront. We're particularly excited about the Colada Shop, a local DC restaurant that will serve its full menu of Cuban cocktails, coffee and food inside Bloomie's!

One of the main goals of the new Bloomingdale's concept store is not only to incentivize loyal customers to take advantage of its convenience but also to pique interest in new customers who can explore the Bloomingdale's brand without having to walk through its multilevel (and often intimidating) mall locations.

With the Mosaic District being one of the most popular shopping centers in Northern Virginia, Bloomie's will add another benefit to exploring our beloved neighborhood, and provide the perfect location to grab a bite to eat after visiting Undeniable Boutique! :)

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Photo rendering of Bloomingdales' new concept store in Mosaic District, Fairfax, VA.


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