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Undeniable Boutique Supports Denim Day 2022

Alicia Russman

Posted on April 26 2022

Undeniable Boutique Supports Denim Day 2022

We're switching up this month's Make a Difference Monday campaign to support Denim Day, which takes place on the last Wednesday in April (4/27), Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  

Denim Day isn't just another silly holiday. This is a day of action and awareness where people are encouraged to wear denim to combat victim-blaming and educate others about sexual violence.

This year, Undeniable Boutique has become a fundraising partner and endorser of Denim Day—we stand in solidarity with sexual assault survivors and victims.

Make a purchase today and we'll match and donate 20% of sales to help provide support services for sexual assault survivors.

Support services include:

  • Free counseling
  • Hospital accompaniments and advocacy
  • Support groups
  • Legal services for a 24-hour hotline

Donations also support internationally-distributed educational materials, ensuring sharing of the message that there is no excuse and never an invitation to rape.

History of Denim Day

In the summer of 1998 in Italy, an 18-year-old girl was raped by her 45-year-old driving instructor. One year later, the perpetrator was released after the court overturned his sentence. He appealed that the girl had had ‘consensual’ sex with him because she was wearing tight jeans that could have only been taken off with her help. The next day, Italian women showed up in jeans to their workplaces as a way to protest the absurdity of the overturned sentence.

Sexual assault is traumatizing. It is difficult to discuss and, as a result of this, sexual assault perpetrators often walk away scot-free. Additionally, the survivors and victims are more often than not blamed for the incident. Such attitudes have also led to lax laws that don't provide enough help to survivors and victims. Denim Day aims to rid the world of such attitudes and laws to bring about real justice and support to the ones who deserve it.




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