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Undeniable Boutique Spotlight in Northern Virginia Magazine

Alicia Russman

Posted on October 26 2022

Undeniable Boutique Spotlight in Northern Virginia Magazine

Undeniable Boutique was profiled in Northern Virginia Magazine's September 2022 print edition and an October 2022 online feature titled, "How Fan-Favorite Undeniable Boutique Became a Trend Setter in NoVA's Fashion Scene." 

UB Owner, Alicia Russman, who was interviewed for the piece, was delighted by the article and appreciative of the magazine's support of her small, locally-owned business. "When an editor from Northern Virginia Magazine contacted me about including UB in one of their fall issues, I didn’t realize the whole article would be about the store—what an honor and wonderful feature! NoVA Mag has significantly helped raise our visibility over the last 11 years, especially having been voted “Best Women’s Boutique” by readers of the publication year-over-year.

Northern Virginia Magazine has included Undeniable Boutique and its products in several feature stories in the publications "Style" section.

As Seen in Northern Virginia Magazine 

How Fan-Favorite Undeniable Boutique Became a Trendsetter in NoVA’s Fashion Scene

Alicia Russman’s passion for unusual styles inspired her journey to create one of NoVA’s most celebrated boutiques. 

Before Alicia Russman became the owner of the Mosaic District’s Undeniable Boutique, the creative director with an instinct for fashion would oftentimes, while traveling, peruse similar stores in search of distinct styles seldom spotted in the Northern Virginia fashion scene.

It was a hobby that soon made apparent the lack of such boutiques in her own community. So Russman decided to fill the void, launching her own boutique brand from the ground up.

Of course, with a background in a different industry, there were obstacles to overcome before getting started, but Russman soon discovered that her professional experience could be an asset. 

“I had absolutely no retail experience, but I was a good marketer,” Russman says. 

It was an eye for marketing that steered Russman toward the name Undeniable Boutique. This branding, Russman says, reflects her two primary goals: make customers realize there’s no denying the boutique’s fantastic styles and make women feel undeniable when wearing her pieces. 

Russman’s clever branding has worked, it would seem, as Undeniable Boutique has become a standout in an area known for its top-notch shopping since its inception in 2011. Undeniable Boutique has also won the Best Women’s Boutique category in Best of NoVA® nine times in the years since Russman opened its doors. 

clothes at undeniable boutique
Photo by Christin Boggs Peyper

“I’ve worked really hard to find distinct styles that are both comfortable and affordable,” Russman says. “After struggling many years to build the brand, it means so much to me that people appreciate what we offer and continue coming back to shop.”

Products at the store, which range from floral maxi dresses and spunky business attire to comfy flip-flops, eye-catching jewelry, and stylish bags, are sourced from around the globe, Russman says, bringing a welcome dash of international flair to the Virginia fashion scene. While Russman describes her own style as West Coast leaning, with flowy fabrics and bohemian prints, items at Undeniable Boutique are diverse enough that every customer can find something appealing.

“We primarily carry pieces that stand out from the crowd, although I always try to keep staples in the store as well,” Russman says.

Russman describes her store’s quintessential customer — she calls them the “UB Fashionistas” — as one who “loves expressing her individuality through unique, uncommon fashion and being comfortable and confident in what she wears.” That confidence is only boosted by Undeniable Boutique’s personable service. Customers can schedule virtual styling consultations or have stylists accompany them while they shop, which Russman says is a great way to find pieces that will be most flattering.

“Our stylists know our products better than our customers and are able to identify pieces that will look fabulous on them,” she says, adding that the store’s stylists benefit from the sort of experimental flexibility that comes with not being a chain.

As for what’s next for Undeniable Boutique, Russman says she just attended her first in-person market since the pandemic began and picked up seven new clothing lines she’s thrilled to introduce.

UB Fashionistas should be prepared for the new styles coming their way. 2920 District Ave., Ste. 140, Fairfax



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