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The #beundeniable Project

Alicia Russman

Posted on September 10 2020

The #beundeniable Project

The first question I always get when people find out about my store is—how did you come up with the name?

As a lifelong marketing professional, I understood the importance of branding and wanted the name to really mean something to my audience and not just me.

I questioned—what do I want women to think about my boutique’s products while they’re browsing? I wanted them to feel like they couldn’t possibly leave the store without them; I wanted them to think the products are

I also questioned—how do I want women to feel when they’re wearing our products? I wanted them to feel confident, comfortable and beautiful; I wanted to feel like they are

So what does it mean to #beundeniable?

It means you have developed the confidence and maturity to be yourself and stand out from the crowd.

It means your hardships and battles have made you stronger and better prepared for whatever life throws your way.

It means you’re not afraid to take risks and accept challenges while having respect for your competition. 

It means you are ready to embrace the future with an open mind and an open heart. 

It means you have and will continue to persevere!

So tell me, what is it that makes you UNDENIABLE?

In celebration of our 9th Best of NoVA win, when you make a purchase of $25+ in store or online, you will get a FREE #beundeniable shirt (while supplies last). Simply add the top to your cart and use code #freeubtop at checkout: ADD TOP

We would love to feature your story along with a picture of you wearing the shirt on our social media channels!

Email your story and picture to:

As always, thank you for your undeniable support!


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