Toast the Launch of Undeniable Boutique's New Clothing Line!

Jul 17 2015

July 24-26: Join us for a 3-day Champagne Party to celebrate the launch of b•ub•bly, a new clothing line custom designed for UB fashionistas! 

Friday, July 24 6-8pm
Champagne Lava Lamp Happy Hour

Saturday, July 25 12-3pm
Champagne Cake Pops 

Sunday, July 26 1-3pm
Day 3 - Champagne Bar Brunch

Undeniable Boutique
11891 Grand Commons Ave.
Fairfax, VA 22030

#bubbly #styleworthcelebrating


  • Posted by Souny West on July 17, 2015

    What an exciting time for UB, and a great way to innovate as a brick and mortar to keep things fresh and unique!

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